examples of ACL2 scripts
Major Section:  ACL2-TUTORIAL

Beginning users may find these annotated scripts useful. We suggest that you read these in the following order:


The page contains a script that illustrates how it feels to use The Method to prove an unusual list reverse function correct. The screen shots of ACL2's proof output are outdated -- in the version shown, ACL2 does not print Key Checkpoints, but the concept of key checkpoint is clear in the discussion and the behavior of the user.

See for a tutorial on becoming successful at approaching a formalization and proof problem in ACL2. That tutorial, written by Shilpi Goel and Sandip Ray, has two parts: it illustrates how to guide the theorem prover to a successful proof, and it shows how to clean up the proof in order to facilitate maintenance and extension of the resulting book (see books).

At is the demo given by Matt Kaufmann at TPHOLs08, including all the scripts. There is a gzipped tar file containing the entire contents of the demos.

At is a collection of scripts illustrating both high-level strategy and lower-level tactics dealing with the functional equivalence of various list sorting algorithms. Start with the README on that directory. There is also a gzipped tar file containing all the scripts, at

When you feel you have read enough examples, you might want to try the following very simple example on your own. (See solution-to-simple-example for a solution, after you work on this example.) First define the notion of the ``fringe'' of a tree, where we identify trees simply as cons structures, with atoms at the leaves. For example:

  ACL2 !>(fringe '((a . b) c . d))
  (A B C D)

Next, define the notion of a ``leaf'' of a tree, i.e., a predicate leaf-p that is true of an atom if and only if that atom appears at the tip of the tree. Define this notion without referencing the function fringe. Finally, prove the following theorem, whose proof may well be automatic (i.e., not require any lemmas).

  (defthm leaf-p-iff-member-fringe
    (iff (leaf-p atm x)
         (member-equal atm (fringe x))))

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