ACL2 Version 3.0 (June, 2006) Notes
Major Section:  RELEASE-NOTES

Please see note-2-9-5 for a description of changes since Version 2.9.4. These include the new make-event feature, a soundness bug fix, an improvement for :expand hints, evaluation in the logic by way of :set-guard-checking :none, and many other improvements.

More generally, there have been several incremental releases since Version 2.9: see note-2-9-1, see note-2-9-2, see note-2-9-3, see note-2-9-4, and see note-2-9-5.

A very few users have contributed books following the instructions on the web. We expect that when more contributions come in, we will give more attention to the question of how to organize the distributed and workshop books. For now, we have simply added the new contributions according to the old-style distribution methodology.