control which parts of the summary are printed

(set-inhibited-summary-types '(rules time))
Note: This is not an event. Rather, it changes the state, in analogy to set-inhibit-output-lst.

General Form:
(set-inhibited-summary-types form)
where form evaluates to a true-list of symbols, each of which is among the values of the constant *summary-types*, i.e.: header, form, rules, hint-events warnings, time, steps, value, and splitter-rules. Each specified type inhibits printing of the corresponding portion of the summaries printed at the conclusions of events, where header refers to an initial newline followed by the line containing just the word Summary.

Note the distinction between rules and hint-events. Rules provides a record of automatic rule usage by the prover, while hint-events shows the names of events given to :USE or :BY hints, as well as clause-processor functions given to :CLAUSE-PROCESSOR hints that have an effect on the proof.

Also see set-inhibit-output-lst. Note that set-inhibited-summary-types has no effect when summary is one of the types inhibited by set-inhibit-output-lst, because in that case none of the summary will be printed.

To control summary types for a single event, see with-output.