for ACL2(p): enable waterfall-parallelism hacks

This documentation topic relates to the experimental extension of ACL2 supporting parallel execution and proof; see parallelism.

General Forms:
(set-waterfall-parallelism-hacks-enabled t)
(set-waterfall-parallelism-hacks-enabled nil)

Some features (e.g., override-hints and clause-processors) of serial ACL2 are by default not available in ACL2(p) with waterfall parallelism enabled, because they offer a mechanism to modify state that is unsound. To allow or (once again) disallow the use the these features in ACL2(p), call set-waterfall-parallelism-hacks-enabled with argument t or nil, respectively.

Set-waterfall-parallelism-hacks-enabled requires the use of a trust tag (see defttag). One can call set-waterfall-parallelism-hacks-enabled! instead, which will automatically install a trust tag named :waterfall-parallelism-hacks.

See error-triples-and-parallelism for further related discussion.