This directory contains three ``book'' files:

m1-support.lisp - a file of basic definitions in the M1 package
m1.lisp - the definition of the M1 machine
m1-lemmas.lisp - some lemmas about M1

a script:

cert-script.lisp - a script for ``re-certifying'' the books.
and this README.html file.

These first three are ACL2 ``books.''

Copy all five files to your space, say in a directory named m1.

The three ACL2 books must be certified locally (on your machine) before they are used the first time.

To re-certify these three books in raw ACL2 (not in the ACL2 Sedan):

(1) connect to your m1 directory
(2) start your ACL2
(3) execute the ACL2 command (ld "cert-script.lisp" :ld-pre-eval-print t)
(4) confirm that the following files exist on your m1 directory:

To re-certify these three books in the ACL2 Sedan:

(1) Edit the three .lisp files as described at the top of each file
(2) Save each edited file
(3) Select the book m1-support.lisp and click on the Certify Book button
(4) Select the book m1.lisp and click on the Certify Book button
(5) Select the book m1-lemmas.lisp and click on the Certify Book button

After certification, your m1 directory may contain additional files, depending on which Common Lisp is being used by your version of ACL2.

Once you have successfully re-certified these three books as described, you can use them by connecting to your m1 directory, starting a fresh ACL2 and executing these two commands:

(include-book "m1-lemmas")
(in-package "M1")

The include-book above will automatically include m1.lisp and m1-support.lisp.

You will not need to re-certify these books again unless you modify one of them.