Nathan L. Clement

The University of Texas at Austin
Graduate Student, Department of Computer Sciences

Research Interests

My interests in computer science lie mostly in its intersection with biology, in the field of bioinformatics. More specifically, I am fascinated with Next-Generation Sequencing, and the future of massivly-parallel DNA sequencing.

I am currently in the Dan Miranker lab, which focuses mostly on database design and integration, especially with those from different sources with differing structures. My project is implementing exact range queries on a database of DNA strings using a modified k-d tree approach and with characteristics from MVP trees.

I have also been involved in projects using phylogenetic trees, RNA folding, SNP calling, and almost anything else I can get involved in.

Previous Research

While an undergraduate student at Brigham Young Univeristy, I was part of the Computational Science Laboratory. As a member of this lab, I implemented a program called GNUMAP, which can be found here



2010-Present: PhD in Computer Science; The University of Texas at Austin; Austin, TX
2004-2010: BS in Computer Science (Bioinformatics Emphasis); Brigham Young Univeristy; Provo, UT

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