Drawing Program using Interactive X Graphics in Lisp

This is a demo of the draw program distributed with the X Interface for Gnu Common Lisp which is available as free software under the Gnu General Public License from ftp.ma.utexas.edu

When the demo is started, a drawing window is created. Two menus are presented: a menu of drawing items and a menu of commands. Select drawing items and then click the mouse one or more times inside the drawing area.

The Make LaTeX command can be used to create LaTeX commands to produce the drawing. LaTeX Mode will restrict lines to lines that LaTeX can draw. Note, however, that LaTeX cannot produce all the things that can be drawn. The LaTeX code is served to you in a file that is presented after the program terminates.


  1. You must be logged in to a host running X windows.
  2. Type xhost + www.cs.utexas.edu (exactly as shown at left) in a window on that host to allow this server to write to your display.
  3. Enter your X display name here if needed; you may need to change what is shown in the box to your X display name. For example, myterminal.cs.utexas.edu:0.0
  4. Click to start the demo.
Gordon S. Novak Jr.