Conversion of Units of Measurement

This is a demonstration of a program that converts between different units of measurement, or combinations of units. It can also simplify expressions of units.

A units expression is a unit name, such as meter, a number such as 2.5, a product of two or more unit expressions (* expr1 ... exprn), or a quotient of two unit expressions (/ expr1 expr2). Common abbreviations such as ft are allowed.

An example is (/ (* atto parsec) (* micro fortnight)).

When the program is started, a window is created containing a command menu and input and output areas. Click the appropriate menu items to run the demo.


  1. You must be logged in to a host running X windows.
  2. Type xhost + (exactly as shown at left) in a window on that host to allow this server to write to your display.
  3. Enter your X display name here if needed; you may need to change what is shown in the box to your X display name. For example,
  4. Click to start the demo.
Gordon S. Novak Jr.