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Simple Partial Evaluator

(defun mix (code env)
  (let (args test fn)
    (if (constantp code)             ; a constant
        code                         ;   evaluates to itself
        (if (symbolp code)           ; a variable
            (if (assoc code env)     ;   bound to a constant
                (cdr (assoc code env)) ; evals to that constant
                code)                  ; else to itself
            (if (consp code)
                  (setq fn (car code))
                  (if (eq fn 'if)         ; if is handled
                      (progn              ;     specially
                        (setq test (mix (cadr code) env))
                        (if (eq test t)            ; if true
                            (mix (caddr code) env) ; then part
                            (if (eq test nil)      ; if false
                                (mix (cadddr code) env) ; else
                                (cons 'if
                                  (cons test
                                    (mapcar #'(lambda (x)
                                                (mix x env))
                                            (cddr code)))))))