Department of Computer Science
The University of Texas at Austin
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Austin, TX 78712
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V. Orestis Papadigenopoulos

PhD Student in Theoretical Computer Science

I am a second year PhD student at the Department of Computer Science at The Univeristy of Texas at Austin, supported by the Provost's Graduate Excellence Fellowship. I am fortunate to be advised by Prof. Evdokia Nikolova . I am widely interested in the field of theoretical computer science with emphasis on the design and analysis of (approximation) algorithms and the intersection of convex and combinatorial optimization. Prior of joining UT, I had the luck to be advised (and highly motivated) by Prof. Dimitris Fotakis.


  • Grouping Techniques for Scheduling Malleable Jobs on Uniform Parallel Machines
    Dimitris Fotakis, O. Papadigenopoulos, Leonidas Tsepenekas
    In preparation

  • Scheduling MapReduce Jobs under Multi-Round Precedences PDF
    D. Fotakis, I. Milis, O. Papadigenopoulos V. Vassalos and G. Zois
    22nd International European Conference on Parallel and Distributed Computing EUROPAR 2016

    Scheduling MapReduce jobs and Data Shuffle on Unrelated Processors PDF
    D. Fotakis, I. Milis, O. Papadigenopoulos E. Zampetakis and G. Zois
    14th International Symposium on Experimental Algorithms, SEA 2015

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