Using and Extending WordNet to Support Question-Answering

Reference: P. Clark, C. Fellbaum, J. Hobbs. "Using and Extending WordNet to Support Question-Answering". In Proc. Fourth Global WordNet Conference (GWC'08), pp111-119, Hungary: University of Szeged, 2008.

Abstract: Over the last few years there has been increased research in automated question-answering from text, including questions whose answer is implied, rather than explicitly stated, in the text. WordNet has played a central role in many such systems (e.g., 21 of the 26 teams in the recent PASCAL RTE3 challenge used WordNet), and thus WordNet is being increasingly stretched to play more semantic tasks in applications. As part of our current research, we are exploring some of the new demands which question-answering places on WordNet, and how it might be further extended to meet them. In this paper, we present some of these new requirements, and some of the extensions that we are currently making to WordNet in response.