Mediated Information Access: Components, Technologies and Architectures

Reference: P. Clark, F. Lochovsky, R. Speigle, A. Sun. Mediated Information Access: Components, Technologies and Architectures. Technical Report SSGTECH-98-020, Maths and Computing Technology, The Boeing Company, Seattle, WA (1998).

Abstract: Recent years have seen explosive growth in the variety, form, and quantity of accessible, on-line information. The Web is expanding exponentially, both worldwide and within Boeing. Vast amounts of data are being collected in a variety of information repositories with correspondingly major efforts to manage these resources. Additional media forms, such as images, drawings, CAD models, video, and audio, are coming on-line.

This revolution present major opportunities for Boeing to dramatically improve its exploitation of this vast body of accumulated, on-line knowledge through improved information access facilities. However, there are also major challenges to realizing this goal, each of which have been addressed in a multitude of different ways both in the literature and in commercial products. The goals of this study are to clearly identify the key issues involved in information access, and to review the different solutions which have been proposed for addressing them based on a detailed literature survey of existing systems.

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