A Knowledge-Rich Approach to Understanding Text about Aircraft Systems

Reference: J. Thomere, K. Barker, V. Chaudhri, P. Clark, M. Eriksen, S. Mishra, B. Porter, A. Rodriguez. A Web-based Ontology Browsing and Editing System. In Proceedings of IAAI'02, pages 927-934, 2002.

Abstract: Making logic-based AI representations accessible to ordinary users has been an ongoing challenge for the successful deployment of knowledge bases. Past work to meet this objective has resulted in a variety of ontology editing tools and task-specific knowledge-acquisition methods. In this paper, we describe a Web-based ontology browsing and editing system with the following features: (a) well-organized English-like presentation of concept descriptions and (b) use of graphs to enter concept relationships, add/delete lists, and analogical correspondences. No existing tool supports these features. The system is Web-based and its user interface uses a mixture of HTML and Java. It has undergone significant testing and evaluation in the context of a real application.