KB-PHaSE: A Knowledge-Based Training Tool for a Space Experiment

Reference: P. Clark, J. Thompson, and M. L. Dittmar. KB-PHaSE: A Knowledge-Based Training Tool for a Space Experiment. Technical Report SSGTECH-98-035, Maths and Computing Technology, The Boeing Company, Seattle, WA (1998).

Abstract: This document summarizes a short (3 month) project exploring the use of knowledge-based training tools for Space Station payload experiments, and develop a demonstration prototype (called KB-PHaSE). The purpose of the knowledge-base is to augment existing training material with a `dynamic component', whereby the user can ask questions during a training session and receive customized, situation-specific answers, generated automatically from the knowledge base. We describe the application domain, the system from the user's point of view, and the structure of the knowledge-base underlying the application. Finally, we reflect on the benefits and challenges of this approach.