PROTOS - A Rational Reconstruction

Reference: P. Clark. PROTOS: A Rational Reconstruction, Technical Report TR-87-12, Turing Institute, Glasgow, UK, 1987.

Abstract: Recently, exemplar-based representations have been advocated as a useful alternative to the more traditional concept representation schemes. One contemporary system utilizing an exemplar-based scheme is PROTOS. PROTOS is unique in that exemplar selection and matching is based primarily on techniques using domain knowledge and inference, rather than statistical methods. As a consequence, besides illustrating a knowledge-based approach to reasoning with exemplars, its base of domain knowledge provides comprehensible explanations for its decisions.

This paper presents and discusses a simplified reconstruction of PROTOS. In the first part, the motivation for using exemplar-based representations is presented. In the second part a description of PROTOS is given. Finally a discussion on various aspects of the system presented.