From WordNet to a Knowledge Base

Reference: P. Clark, P. Harrison, T. Jenkins, J. Thompson, R. Wojcik. From WordNet to a Knowledge Base. In: Proc AAAI 2006 Spring Symposium on Formalizing and Compiling Background Knowledge, 2006.

Abstract: At Boeing we have been attempting to use WordNet -- an online lexical resource -- for machine reasoning, using both its taxonomic information and other information (e.g., parts relations). While we get some leverage, it is clear that WordNet is drastically limited in the types of knowledge it contains. In this paper, we will describe our work in this area, some of our attempts to expand on WordNet, and present a vision for what we believe a future WordNet-like resource should look like -- a large knowledge base with vastly richer representational structures -- and the potential such a resource would offer for machine reasoning.

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