Homework Assignment 7 -- CS429 Fall 2013

Due Date: 16 Oct 2013

  1. I have two arrays of length 120: x[] and y[]. I want to add the contents of x[i] to the contents of y[i], for the entire array. This could be best done with
    1. a SISD machine
    2. a MIMD machine
    3. a SIMD machine
    4. a MISD machine
    5. a Von Neumann machine
    6. a Harvard model

  2. On the x86, instructions are variable length. How do I know how long an instruction is? What is the maximum length of an instruction?

  3. On the PDP-8, there is no load instruction. How do I load a value from memory into the A register? Does this, in effect, make the PDP-8 a variable length instruction machine?