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  • SuperFine is software for constructing supertrees from source phylogenies.


  • To download and for details on how to install and run SuperFine, please see the Software section of the submission materials page.


  • (1) The original paper appeared in Systematic Biology (2012) 61(2):214-227, doi:10.1093/sysbio/syr092 (first published online September 20, 2011). (PDF).
  • (2) Nguyen, N., S. Mirarab, and T. Warnow. "MRL and SuperFine+MRL: new supertree methods." Journal Algorithms for Molecular Biology 7:3, 2012. (PDF).
  • (3) Neves, D. T., T. Warnow, J. L. Sobral and K. Pingali. "Parallelizing SuperFine." 27th Symposium on Applied Computing (ACM-SAC), Bioinformatics, 2012, pages 1361--1367, doi = 10.1145/2231936.2231992. (PDF).
  • (4) Nelesen, S., K. Liu, L.-S. Wang, C. R. Linder, and T. Warnow. "DACTAL: divide-and-conquer trees (almost) without alignments." Bioinformatics Vol 28, ISMB 2012, pages i274-i282. (PDF). The DACTAL method uses SuperFine within a divide-and-conquer framework.

Submission Materials

  • Please see this page for software and data corresponding to our submission.


  • Please direct correspondence regarding SuperFine to Tandy Warnow.
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