United RoboCup-2002 Simulator Team

This page presents the United team entered in the RoboCup-2002 simulator league.


Peter Stone



The United-2002 simulator team is based upon the CMUnited-99 simulator team and aspects of the ATT-CMUnited-2000 simulator team and the ATTUnited-2001 simulator team. The low level code of United-2002 is based almost entirely on CMUnited-99. However, it has been updated to handle the features of version 8 of the Soccer Server.

You can download this updated source code. It has been used as the basis for a class on Autonomous Multiagent Systems in the Department of Computer Sciences at The University of Texas at Austin as described in the following paper:

Autonomous Multiagent Systems as an Introduction to CS Research. Peter Stone.

which is available with latest reference information from my publications page.

You may also run United-2002 as it ran in Fukuoka.
Download the tarred, gzipped executables for Debian Linux 3.0. A README file with instructions on how to start the clients and a brief team description paper are included.