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Frames and Predicate Calculus


A frame can be considered just a convenient way to represent a set of predicates applied to constant symbols (e.g., ground instances of predicates.). For example, the frame above could be written:


More generally, the ground predicate  r(f,g) is represented, in a frame based system, by placing the value g in the r slot of the frame f [Hayes, 79]:

r(f,g) tex2html_wrap_inline1442 tex2html_wrap1452

Throughout this document  we use the teletype font (e.g., John) for Algernon statements and the math font (e.g., John) for predicate calculus. We use standard predicate calculus notation except that we find it convenient to use tex2html_wrap_inline1448 in addition to the usual tex2html_wrap_inline1450 .

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