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This document provides instruction for the installation of QSIM on various systems. The main section describes the installation of QSIM on a Unix host. Here at UT, QSIM has been tested on Allegro Common Lisp and Lucid Common Lisp under Unix. Installation on either of these lisps should be straight forward. QSIM should work on most lisps that run under Unix although some minor modifications may be required.

In particular, the default QSIM installation uses a common lisp defsystem and logical pathname facility obtained from CMU. It is our experience when installing QSIM on a different lisp, these two packages cause most of the problems. For this reason, we have included instructions for installing QSIM without the defsystem or logical pathname facilities. The main drawback of this option is that the installation will not support maintaining separate binary directories for different architectures (e.g. SunOs4 vs Solaris).

In addition, QSIM has been ported to the MacIntosh, to Linux and to the PC. On the Mac, it has been tested on MacIntosh Common Lisp 3.9, on Linux Allegro CL 4.3 and on Windows Allegro CL. Displaying the results when running on a PC under Windows is still less than optimal. This is described later in this document. In case you are not aware, currently Allegro CL for Linux can be obtained from Allegro at no charge. Unfortunately, the Linux port for CLISP was performed outside of our research group and we have been unable to integrate and test these changes. Thus, for Linux installation please refer to our web site and obtain a copy of the file linux-installation.txt which contains instructions pertaining to a Linux installation for CLISP.

Finally, a section is provided describing the installation of the POS display facility. This facility is used to display the results of a QISM simulation.

Thus, there are five sections to this document:

Simple Installation (without using Common Lisp Defsystem).
Installation on a Unix Host using the Common Lisp Defsystem.
Installation on a Unix Host using lisps other than Allegro CL and Lucid
Using QSIM under Windows on a PC.
Installation of POS
Installation on a MacIntosh

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Daniel J. Clancy