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Modifications to the Makefile

In the directory xpos/xbatch-dir there is a file called Makefile. This file is used when compiling the C program. A number of changes must be made to this file to customize it for your particular site.

The following two lines in the Makefile tell the C program where various library and include files can be found. In particular, it must be able to locate the X11 interface library. These must be changed to indicate the location of these libraries and include files on your system.
          LIBS		=	-L /lusr/lib/X11 -lXext -lX11
          INCLUDES	=	-I/usr/include -I/lusr/include

The following line must be changed to point to the location of the directory containing xbatch.c and xbatch.h. Both of these files are in xpos/xbatch-dir. The root for this path on your system must be modified.
    	  CDIR		=	/v/ai/v5/qr/xpos/xbatch-dir

Daniel J. Clancy