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Customizing and Compiling QSIM

Customizing QSIM
- Modifications to be made to the following files:

The definitions of the special variables *qsim-root* and *lisp-root* must be modified to reflect the name of your hard disk drive and the location of lisp and QSIM. If

These special variables are defined in the cl-user package and are referenced by the following files:

If more flexibility is required when loading QSIM, then changes may be required in these files as well.

Compiling QSIM
- Load the file start-nq-mac-mcl.lisp into Lisp to load the functions to compile QSIM. and then execute the function
Loading QSIM
- Once QSIM has been compiled, QSIM can be loaded by loading the file start-nq-mac-mcl.lisp and then executing the function:

Daniel J. Clancy