Test #2 Review Sheet

Here's a review sheet for the second test. The ommission of a topic does not mean it is not on the test. You are responsible for class lectures 00-12, homework assignments 1-4 (plus reading up to 4.1), all of lab1, and the Y86 ISA.

You probably want to look over review sheet #1.


  1. Write a Y86 routine for the below C code. Note that you can look at the course notes for help on this.
      int len1 (int a[]) {
        int len;
        for (len = 0; a[len]; len++)
        return len;
  2. Is the Y86 big or little endian?
  3. Write a Y86 routine that computes the factorial of an input in register A (%eax) and leaves the result in register B (%ebx).
  4. There are only 4-10 new homework problems since the last test. Make sure you know how to do those.


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