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The current version of Java Layers is contained in a zip file linked below; click on the release name to download.  The zip file contains the executables needed to run the JL compiler (jlc).  Please contact Rich Cardone at the email address below to obtain JL source code.  

The Java Layers language extension to Java is implemented by the "jlc" compiler.  jlc is a source-to-source compiler that takes in JL source code and produces Java source code.  jlc then invokes a standard Java compiler to produce bytecode, though the user has some ability to customize the code generation process.

After downloading the zip file, refer to the Installation Notes to get JL up and running.  The Release Notes describe known limitations of the current implementation.  A Quick Reference Guide provides a brief overview of the language's capabilities.    


JL version 0.37      (November 5, 2001) 


Please report bugs, questions, thoughts and comments to Rich Cardone at


Last Modified:  11/05/2001 02:50 PM