CS343 Artificial Intelligence Class Schedule

Date Topic Assignment
Aug 29Intro to AI
Problem Spaces
Sep 03 Brute-Force and Heuristic Search Homework 1 (Search) assigned
Python, OpenNERO
Sep 10 Heuristics, Search Complexity
Subgoaling, Abstraction, CSP
Sep 17 Planning Homework 1 (Search) due
Game Search Homework 2 (Planning) assigned
Sep 24 Symbolic Machine Learning
Oct 01 Midterm (in class) Practice questions
Oct 08 Neural Networks Homework 2 (Planning) due
Reinforcement Learning Homework 3 (Reinforcement Learning) assigned
Oct 15 Representation and Reasoning in Logic
Resolution Theorem Proving
Oct 22 Knowledge Representation Homework 3 (Reinforcement Learning) due
Natural Language Processing Homework 4 (NLP) assigned
Oct 29 Rule-based and Expert Systems
Reasoning with Uncertainty
Nov 05 Vision Homework 4 (NLP) due
Robotics Homework 5 (Vision) assigned
Nov 12 Subsymbolic AI
Cognitive Science
Nov 19 Genetic Algorithms, Neuroevolution Homework 5 (Vision) due
AI in Video Games Homework 6 (Neuroevolution) assigned
Nov 26No class
Dec 03No class Homework 6 (Neuroevolution) due
Dec 06 NERO tournament
3-5pm Review; class survey
Dec 12 Final (GDC 1.304) Practice questions

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