CS378 CI in Game Design I: Class Schedule

This is the current plan and may be updated occasionally. We'll begin with an intro to NERO and the technology used in it, and gradually work towards research in Game AI. In addition to the class meetings, the schedule includes a hands-on game technology assignment (almost) every week. Note:




1/20 Introduction Homework 1: Running NERO
1/27 Getting Started with OpenNERO Homework 2: Add objects to OpenNERO
2/3 Computational Intelligence in Games Homework 3: Creating a NERO Team for the Tournament
2/10 NERO tournament  
2/17 Neural Networks Homework 4: Backprop networks
2/24 C++ Homework 5: Neural Networks in C++
3/3 Neuroevolution Homework 6: rtNEAT XOR in OpenNERO
3/10 Python Homework 7: Create a "Roomba" agent using Python
3/26 Search  
3/31 OpenNERO code Homework 8: Mazer
4/7 Sample research projects
4/14 Experimental evaluation Homework 10: rtNEAT in the maze
4/21 Research project ideas Project proposal
4/28 Working in the game industry  
5/5 Game Development Process  

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