Class Schedule

This page will gradually fill with more details as the topic talks and project talks are scheduled. Click on the title for more details, including reading assignments, descriptions of homework assignments, etc.

Date Topic Assignment
Aug 27Intro to Neural Nets
Sep 03Competitive Learning, Self-Organizing Maps Personal ads due.
Perceptrons Homework 1 (Self-Organizing Maps) assigned.
Sep 10Backpropagation Homework 1 (Self-Organizing Maps) due.
Deep Learning Homework 2 (Backpropagation) assigned.
Sep 17No Class
Sep 24Reinforcement Learning Homework 2 (Backpropagation) due.
Oct 01Game Playing
Subsymbolic Artificial Intelligence
Oct 08Exam Practice questions
Oct 15Biological Neural Nets Topic talk proposals due.
Biological Modeling: The Visual Cortex Homework 3 (Game Agents) assigned.
Oct 22Topic Talk
Topic Talk
Oct 29Topic TalkHomework 3 (Game Agents) due.
Topic Talk
Nov 05Topic TalkProject proposals due
Topic Talk
Nov 12Topic Talk.
Topic Talk
Nov 19Topic Talk
Topic Talk
Nov 26Topic Talk
Topic Talk
Dec 03Project talks & Class Evaluation
Dec ?? Project papers due.
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