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Section 2.1 Opening Remarks

Unit 2.1.1 Launch

At the end of the last Week, you used the Live Script in Assignments/Week2/C/data/Plot_All_Outer.mlx to compare and contrast the performance of many of the algorithms that use the I, J, and P loop as the outer-most loop, yielding the graph

You may feel pretty happy, given how much the performance has improved.

In that Live Script, change the ( 0 ) in

if ( 0 )
  plot( data(:,1), data(:,3), 'MarkerSize', 8, 'LineWidth', 1, ...
       'LineStyle', '-', 'DisplayName', 'Ref', 'Color', plot_colors( 1,: ) );

to ( 1 ) and regenerate the graph. What do you observe?


Left: Performance for different choices of the outer loop, calling the BLIS typed interface. Right: Same data, but now with the performance of the reference implementation added.

Unit 2.1.2 Outline Week 2

Under construction.

Unit 2.1.3 What you should know

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Unit 2.1.4 What you will learn