Samuel Barrett

Contact Info

Samuel Barrett Samuel Barrett
Department of Computer Science
1 University Station C0500
University of Texas, Austin
Austin, TX 78701

Office: GDC 3.424D



About Me

I am a sixth year PhD student in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Texas at Austin. I am interested in artificial intelligence and I am currently working in the area of ad hoc teams and reinforcement learning. My advisor is Peter Stone, and I am a member of the Learning Agents Research Group (LARG). I am part of the UT Austin Villa robot soccer team, which competes in the Standard Platform League. In the most recent competition, our team won the 2012 international RoboCup competition held in Mexico City. I received my bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Stevens Institute of Technology in May, 2008.


My research interests are in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and robotics. My current focus is on ad hoc teams; I am interested in how agents should learn to deal with unknown teammates to accomplish shared goals. My goal is to create agents that can cooperate with any other teammates in a new environment and can still learn to perform effectively. Currently, I am working on applying reinforcement learning techniques to enable these agents to learn and adapt. If you are interested, take a look at my publications.