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architectures, analysis, aspects, categories, commuting diagrams, computational design, derivatives, Dense Linear Algebra (DLA),
Design by Transformation (DxT), design rules, Design Rule Checking (DRC), evolution, feature interactions, feature models, geodesic,
higher-order transformations, kubes, MDA, MDD, MDE, mixin layers, optimization, optional feature problem, origami, refactoring,
streaming, safe composition, semantics, testing, UML, verification, wizards, P3 (P1/P2/P3/DiSTiL data structure generator).

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J. Liu and D. Batory. " Automatic Remodularization and Optimized Synthesis of Product-Families, Generative Programming and Component Engineering (GPCE), October 2004.

A product-family is a suite of integrated tools that share a common infrastructure. Program synthesis of individual tools can replicate common code, leading to unnecessarily large executables and longer build times. In this paper, we present remodularization techniques that optimize the synthesis of product-families. We show how tools can be automatically remodularized so that shared files are identified and extracted into a common package,and how isomorphic class inheritance hierarchies can be merged into a single hierarchy. Doing so substantially reduces the cost of program synthesis, product-family build times, and executable sizes. We present a case study of a product-family with five tools totalling over 170K LOC, where our optimizations reduce archive size and build times by 40%.

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D. Batory, G. Chen, E. Robertson, and T. Wang. Design Wizards and Visual Programming Environments for GenVoca Generators, IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering (IEEE TSE), May 2000, 441-452. This is a journal version of our 1998 ICSR paper.

Domain-specific generators will increasingly rely on graphical languages for declarative specifications of target applications. Such languages will provide front-ends to generators and related tools to produce customized code on demand. Critical to the success of this approach will be domain-specific design wizards, tools that guide users in their selection of components for constructing particular applications. In this paper, we present the P3 ContainerStore graphical language, its generator, and design wizard.

P3, recommended optimization, wizards, award