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architectures, analysis, aspects, categories, commuting diagrams, computational design, derivatives, Dense Linear Algebra (DLA),
Design by Transformation (DxT), design rules, Design Rule Checking (DRC), evolution, feature interactions, feature models, geodesic,
higher-order transformations, kubes, MDA, MDD, MDE, mixin layers, optimization, optional feature problem, origami, refactoring,
streaming, safe composition, semantics, testing, UML, verification, wizards, P3 (P1/P2/P3/DiSTiL data structure generator).

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S. Thaker, D. Batory, D. Kitchin, and W. Cook. Safe Composition of Product Lines. Generative Programming and Component Engineering (GPCE), October 2007.

Programs of a software product line can be synthesized by composing modules that implement features. Besides high-level domain constraints that govern the compatibility of features, there are also low-level implementation constraints: a feature module can reference elements that are defined in other feature modules. Safe composition is the guarantee that all programs in a product line are type safe: i.e., absent of references to undefined elements (such as classes, methods, and variables). We show how safe composition properties can be verified for AHEAD product lines using feature models and SAT solvers.

constraints, recommended safe composition, verification