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Greetings! In the spirit of my friend Robert Duvall of Duke University I want to make sure you are in the right place. "Mike Scott" is a very common name. I am not the lead singer of the Waterboys,  nor am I the former major league pitcher. I am not this computer scientist. And I am not the fictional character from the television show The Office. I am a lecturer at the University of Texas at Austin in the Computer Science Department.  

I was raised in St. Charles, Missouri.  I was an undergraduate at Stanford University receiving a B.S. in Industrial Engineering.  I later attended Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and received a M.S. in Computer Science.  Before becoming a full time teacher I spent some time doing something completely different.

My office is GDC 6.304 in the north tower, Dell Computer Science Hall

How to contact me:

Email:              scottm@cs.utexas.edu
Office phone:   (512) 471-9785 (email is preferred)


Office Hours for Summer 2017. I am only teaching second session this summer, so office hours will run from Monday July 10 until Wednesday, August 16.

Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday, 1 - 2 pm. Location: GDC 6.304.


Extended CV

Academic Integrity Slides: PowerPoint | PDF

Various quotes on life and a few on computer science. Many of them are from Garrison Keillor of A Prairie Home Companion who, in the words of my friend Tim Hullar, "Speaks to my condition."