AI and Society Final Project Writeup and Presentation

To communicate the results of your final projects, each group will submit a final writeup, as well as give a presentation in class.

  • Submit a 3-5 page PDF (roughly 12pt font, single spaced, 1 inch margins; but feel free to use a LaTex style file you like, if that is your preference) that addresses the following questions :
    • What societal problem did you plan to address? Why is it important?
    • What piece of this problem did you solve?
    • What kind of problem is this (supervised, reinforcement, unsupervised, etc.)?
    • What AI technique(s) did you use to solve this and why are they appropriate?
    • Where did the data come from (a real dataset, a simulator, etc.)?
    • What was the criteria for success?
    • What experiments did you run to test this success criteria and what were the results?
  • Grading will be based on:
    • Is the problem setting (and its importance) described clearly?
    • Is the problem formulated in a mathematically correct manner and are the utilized techniques reasonable?
    • Does the evaluation sufficiently test the effictiveness of the method?
    • Writing quality.
    • Length. Provide all the relevant details, but be as consise as possible.

Finally, each group will be expected to give a 5 minute presentation during one of the last two normal class sessions that summarizes the above information.