Update: I have moved to the University of Illinois; please contact me there, at warnow@illinois.edu. Please also visit my current webpage at http://tandy.cs.illinois.edu/.


My research combines mathematics, computer science, probability, and statistics, in order to develop algorithms with improved accuracy for large-scale and complex estimation problems in phylogenomics and metagenomics. My major interests include multiple sequence alignment and phylogeny estimation (both gene trees and species trees) and metagenomic analysis, but I also work in Historical Linguistics. My current work aims to develop methods for ultra-large datasets (anywhere from 10,000 to 1,000,000 sequences), including datasets that are highly fragmentary and present other real world challenges. We use real data and perform massive simulations to evaluate the performance of methods that we develop, and also collaborate closely with biologists and linguists in data analysis.

I have moved to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and am a Professor with a split position between Bioengineering and Computer Science.

My group currently consists of two PhD students (still at the University of Texas), Siavash Mirarab and Md. S. Bayzid, and Ruth Davidson, a postdoctoral researcher. I have several ongoing research projects, and would be glad to have up to four new students. Please email me (warnow@illinois.edu) if you'd like to talk about joining my group.


Our current collaborations include the 1KP (Thousand Transcriptome Project) and the Avian Phylogenomics Project. These collaborations include data analysis and the development of new methods for estimating alignments and trees (both gene trees and species trees). We welcome collaborations with biologists who have data that are difficult to analyze, either because the datasets are too large for current methods, or because current methods fail to have sufficiently high accuracy.


My current research is funded by the National Science Foundation (DEB 0733029 and DBI-1062335). I also recently benefited from support of the John P. Simon Guggenheim Foundation, and earlier support from the David and Lucile Packard Foundation, the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study at Harvard University, the Program for Evolutionary Dynamics at Harvard University, and Microsoft Research, New England.

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"Plus de détails, plus de détails, disait-il à son fils, il n'y a d'originalité et de vérité que dans les détails..." -- Stendhal, Lucien Leuwen (a quote much loved by my stepfather, Martin J. Klein, and an essential guide for all scholarship).

Click here for Google Scholar Citations (i10-index 101 and h-index 46).

The CIPRES Project is finally over, but the CIPRES Portal is still available through the TeraGrid (see also the CIPRES Science Gateway story). Here is an abridged version of the CIPRES final report.

Siavash Mirarab, my PhD student, has been awarded a fellowship by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.



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