This is my unofficial page about SPHINX C--, a (nearly) freeware medium-level language compiler written by Peter Cellik.

The official page for Sphinx C-- is gone, but check here for links.

Barry Kauler has created a really snazzy C-- page, with updated documentation. It details a number of gotchas in the C-- compiler, complete with disassembly and explanations.


C-- is a medium- to low-level language for 80x86 machines. It is small, efficient, and ideal for writing utilities, memory-resident programs, and just about anything else where assembly language might be used. It gives the power of assembly with the readability of a high-level language. With the latest (and final) version, the source code for the compiler and IDE have been included.

I've been using C-- for my personal OS project and various utilities for some months now. I find it especially impressive that the language is flexible enough to allow for many things for which it was not designed, like protected-mode execution.

I also used C-- to create GuardPC.


Example Files:

These files and many others are included in the example collection, which is available for download below.

The Package (compiler, examples, docs, and source):

Download (ZIP file, 640K)

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