GuardPC is a DOS-based file security program developed by Toren K. Smith ( for the Computer Sciences Dept. at the University of Texas at Austin.

What it does:

GuardPC allows you to selectively lock files on your PC such that they cannot be changed by unauthorized users or programs. It was developed for use in a student lab to prevent tampering with the installed software.

How it does it:

GuardPC protects files by locking the read-only attribute bit such that it cannot be changed. DOS will not allow deleting or changing these read-only files, and GuardPC prevents users from changing the read-only bit. GuardPC also prevents renaming or moving of read-only files. GuardPC also protects against low-level disk access by programs such as FDISK, FORMAT, DISKEDIT, etc.


The latest version of GuardPC is v1.1, which adds some support for Windows 95's new long filenames and added security. Be careful when updating; remember that the utility programs (GUARDON, GUARDOFF, etc.) for previous versions will not work for your new installation.


Send bug reports to . For other problems, you're on your own; use at your own risk. It's free, after all.

Download GuardPC

GuardPC is freeware; it is copyrighted material, but you do not have to purchase it or register it. Click on the Download button to download the installation program, which will install the GuardPC files for you.


GuardPC was created with SPHINX C--.

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