Tyler Hunt

  • UTCS PhD Student
  • Adviser: Emmett Witchel
  • Mail: thunt at cs.utexas.edu
  • Citations: Google Scholar
  • Research Intrests: Operating Systems, Linux, Secure Systems


University of Texas at Austin(current)

PhD Computer Science (2013-now)

New Mexico State University

B.S. Computer Science (2010-2013)


Ryoan: A Distributed Sandbox for Untrusted Computation on Secret Data [pdf]
thunt, zhiting, yxu, simon, witchel
OSDI 2016

Earp: Principled Storage, Sharing and Protection for Mobile Apps [pdf]
yxu, thunt, kwon, martin, vitaly, witchel
NSDI 2016

Disk covering methods improve phylogenomic analyses
bayzid, thunt, warnow
BMC genomics 15, S7

Teaching Assistant Service (UTCS)

Semester Course Title Course NumberInstructor
Fall 2016Mobile Computing371M Emmett Witchel
Fall 2014Object Oriented ProgrammingCS371P Glenn Downing
Summer 2014Software Engineering CS373 Glenn Downing
Spring 2014Software Engineering CS373 Glenn Downing
Fall 2013 Software Engineering CS373 Glenn Downing
Software Design CS373S Don Batory