CS378 Computational Intelligence in Game Design II

Fall 2011, ENS 31NN, TTH 3:30-5pm, Unique 52517

Uli Grasemann
Office hours by appointment. Sign up on the wiki.


Josh Brittain
Office hours: ENS 31NN, TTh 11-2

Adam Dziuk
Office hours: ENS 31NN, times TBA


This course is a continuation of CS378 Computational Intelligence in Game Design I. Based on the proposal developed in CS378I, the students will carry out an independent research project.

Grades will be based on the quality of your project. The class will be 3 credit hours. Project meetings during the semester, an interactive project presentation, and a written report at the end of the semester each count as 1/3 of the grade.

The OpenNERO development wiki and the class google group are the main means of communication for the class.

There are no regular class meetings. However, each group is expected to sign up and meet with the instructor and/or mentors every week or two. From time to time, we will also have guest speakers and lectures on useful background topics. Watch out for announcements. Suggestions are welcome.

Other useful links:
The UTCS Neural Networks Research Group
The NERO website
(More soon...)

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