UTCS Competitive Programming Club


Welcome to the UTCS Competitive Programming Club for CS students interested in participating in the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest.

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There's a Wikipedia Page.

And there's a companion CS class: CS 104c: Competitive Programming.


Dates Event Location
Fri, 9 Sep Public Contest GDC 1.304
Fri, 23 Sep
Fri, 30 Sep Private Contest and Workshop TBD
Fri, 7 Oct Public Contest GDC 1.304
Fri, 14 Oct Private Contest and Workshop TBD
Fri, 21 Oct Public Contest GDC 1.304
Fri-Sat, 28-29 Oct Regional Competition Baylor University
Sat-Thu, 20-25 May World Finals South Dakota School of
Mines & Technology

Rapid City, South Dakota


Type Title Authors
Algorithms Algorithm DesignKleinberg & Tardos
Algorithm Design Manual, TheSkienna
AlgorithmsSedgewick & Wayne
Algorithms in a NutshellHeineman, Pollice, & Selkow
Introduction to AlgorithmsCormen, Leiserson, Rivest, & Stein
Competitive Programming Competitive Programming 3Halim & Halim
Programming ChallengesSkienna & Revilla
Programming PearlsBentley

Challenges and Contests


Type Title
Debugging uDebug
UVa Search uHunt
Visualizations VisuAlgo

Student Contacts

Name Contact
Arnav Sastry arnavsastry@gmail.com
Cameron Reynoldson cameronreynoldson@utexas.edu
Ethan Arnold ethan.arnold@utexas.edu
Veronica Gunn vfgunn@utexas.edu

Faculty Contacts

South Central USA Regional Contacts

North American Contacts