UT Programming Contests (UTPC)


UT Invitational Programming Contest

On Sat, 4 May 2019, 1pm CDT (GMT-5), UT will be hosting an invitational programming contest prepared by former ICPC contestants. The contest is intended to help students prepare for ICPC regionals in the fall. We are targeting a difficulty level similar to the SCUSA regional contest.

The contest will be hosted on https://utipc19.kattis.com. (To get familiar with the judge, go to https://open.kattis.com.)

The contest is 5 hours in length. Teams of 3 are encouraged, and standard ICPC rules apply: each team may only use one computer, and use of outside internet resources is prohibited (no Google, no OEIS, etc.). You can use an online language reference (e.g. https://en.cppreference.com or https://docs.python.org).

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