UT Programming Contest (UTPC)


UT Invitational Programming Contest (UTIPC)

Sat, 2 May 2020
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The UT Invitational Programming Contest (UTIPC) is an ICPC-style programming contest hosted at The University of Texas at Austin for both on-site and remote competitors. The contest is organized by UT Programming Contest, UT's student organization that hosts local programming contests, with the help of faculty and alumni.

UTIPC was created as an opportunity for

  1. Texas ICPC teams to practice and train in a real, ICPC-style competition with original problems
  2. competitive programming enthusiasts to have fun while getting a sense of what ICPC programming contests are like

Everyone is encouraged to participate, regardless of experience and skill level!

If you’re interested in competing in this iteration of UTIPC (which will be held completely remotely), please fill out this interest form.


Will be hosted online on https://utipc20s.kattis.com, more details and link to contest will be sent out soon.


Time Event
12 pm (CDT) Contest Begins
5 pm (CDT) Contest Ends, Contest Recap + Prizes*


Due to this contest being fully remote, contestants are on their honor to stick to the rules.

  • Contestants will be allowed to compete in teams of up to three.
  • Access to the Internet for anything but viewing problems, submitting problems, and communicating with your team members is prohibited, enforced by the honor system.
  • Teams are allowed to have any printed reference materials.

What is an ICPC-style programming contest?

ICPC-style programming contests are five-hour contests where students compete in teams of three to solve 8-12 programming problems. Each team competes with a single computer, has restricted access to the internet, and is allowed limited access to reference materials. The contest puts a focus on the ability to quickly write bug-free code with strong algorithms, data structures knowledge, and logical problem-solving skills.

To learn more about ICPC, visit their website.


This will be the third iteration of UTIPC. The inaugural contest was held last spring, and the second contest was in the fall.

To see the results and problem set from the first contest, see the contest site.


If you have any questions about the contest, send an email to utpc@cs.utexas.edu.



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