Yang Wang
Office: GDC 6.408A
Department of Computer Science
University of Texas at Austin

Email: yangwang AT cs dot utexas dot edu
I will be joining the CSE department of the Ohio State University in 2015 spring.

I'm a 6th year Ph.D. student in the LASR group of the Department of Computer Science in the University of Texas at Austin. My advisors are Dr. Mike Dahlin and Dr. Lorenzo Alvisi. I am interested in distributed systems and fault tolerance.

I got my bachelor's degree (July 2005) and master's degree (Jan. 2008) in Computer Science from Tsinghua University.

I received the Google PhD Fellowship in Distributed Computing in 2013.

  • Curriculum Vitae [PDF]
  • Research Statement [PDF]
  • Teaching Statement [PDF]
  • Resume (for industry) [PDF]

  • Exalt: Evaluate large-scale storage systems with a few machines. Exalt is an emulator that allows researchers to evaluate a large-scale storage system with 100x fewer machines.
  • Salus: Robust and Scalable Block Store. Salus is a block store that provides strong end-to-end correctness guarantees for read operations, strict ordering guarantees for write operations, and strong durability and availability guarantees despite a wide range of server failures (including memory corruptions, disk corruptions, firmware bugs, etc.)
  • Gnothi: Efficient and Available Storage Replication. Gnothi is a block replication system that achieves simultaneously the low cost of synchronous replication like primary-backup and the high availability of asynchronous replication like Paxos.
  • Eve: Execute-Verify Replication for Multi-Core Servers. Eve is a new Execute-Verify architecture that allows state machine replication to scale to multi-core servers.
  • UpRight Cluster Services. UpRight seeks to make Byzantine fault tolerance (BFT) a simple and viable alternative to crash fault tolerance for a range of cluster services including the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) and Zookeeper coordination and lock service.
  • Publications
  • "Salt: Combining ACID and BASE in a Distributed Database". C. Xie, C. Su, M. Kapritsos, Y. Wang, N. Yaghmazadeh, L. Alvisi, and P. Mahajan, in OSDI 2014.
  • "Lazy Means Smart: Reducing Repair Bandwidth Costs in Erasure-coded Distributed Storage". M. Silberstein, L. Ganesh, Y. Wang, L. Alvisi, and M. Dahlin, in Systor 2014. Best paper award.
  • "Exalt: Empowering Researchers to Evaluate Large-Scale Storage Systems". Y. Wang, M. Kapritsos, L. Schmidt, L. Alvisi, and M. Dahlin, in NSDI 2014.
  • "Robustness in the Salus scalable block store". Y. Wang, M. Kapritsos, Z. Ren, P. Mahajan, J. Kirubanandam, L. Alvisi, and M. Dahlin, in NSDI 2013.
  • "All about Eve: Execute-Verify Replication for Multi-Core Servers". M. Kapritsos, Y. Wang, V. Quema, A. Clement, L. Alvisi, and M. Dahlin, in OSDI 2012.
  • "Gnothi: Separating Data and Metadata for Efficient and Available Storage Replication". Y. Wang, L. Alvisi, and M. Dahlin, in USENIX ATC 2012.
  • "SOPA: Selecting the Optimal Policy Adaptively". Y. Wang, J. Shu, G. Zhang, W. Xue, W. Zheng, ACM transactions on storage, Volume 6 Issue 2, July 2010.
  • "UpRight Cluster Services". A. Clement, M. Kapritsos, S. Lee, Y. Wang, L. Alvisi, M. Dahlin, T. Riche, in SOSP 2009.
  • Teaching
    2008 Fall, CS352 Computer Systems Architecture by Prof. Herbert Schwetman
    2009 Spring, CS345 Programming Languages by Prof. Philip Cannata
    I like basketball, ping-pong, Weiqi (Go), and travelling.