My academic curriculum vitae

I am a computer science PhD student at the University of Texas at Austin. I am a member of UT Vision, Cognition, and Action Lab (Embodied Cognition Lab), instructed by Professor Dana Ballard and Professor Mary Hayhoe.

My research is in artificial intelligence, particularly machine learning. Currently I am working on imitation learning, deep learning and deep reinforcement learning. I believe it is important to understand and model human intelligence, and apply what we learned to AI. Hence my research also involves cognitive psychology, particularly human behavior modeling. I also work a little with Prof. Ballard on neural coding in the field of computational neuroscience. To enable an intelligent agents to interact with physical environment and humans, I use technologies such as virtual reality, teleoperation, and robots.

Although it is hard to tell when a fully autonomous agent with human-level intelligence will be available, to me, it is very exciting to work towards this goal. And I hope one day these agents can help humans in labor-intensive or risky tasks, such as search, rescue, and exploration.

The University of Texas at Austin
August 2014 - Present, Austin, TX
 • TA: CS 391L Machine Learning, Spring 2015
 • TA: CS 311H Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science (Honor), Fall 2014

The University of Texas at Austin
August 2012 - August 2014, Austin, TX
 • Master of Science in Computer Science
 • TA: CS 311 Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science, Summer 2013
 • TA: CS 313K Logic, Sets and Functions, Fall 2013
 • TA: CS 313K Logic, Sets and Functions, Spring 2013

Rhodes College
August 2008 - May 2012, Memphis, TN
 • Bachelor of Arts, Psychology
   Advisor: Dr. Natalie Person
 • Minors: Computer Science, Economics
 • TA: PSY 485 Qualitative Methods, Spring 2012