Scores for TAC 2005 Finals - Final Day

PositionAgentAverage ScoreGames Played
1TacTex-05 4.741 M16
2SouthamptonSCM 1.604 M16
3Mertacor 546 27216
4Deep Maize -220 50316
5MinneTAC -311 84416
6Maxon -1.985 M16

(The official score table is available here.)

32 teams entered the 2005 TAC SCM competition. 24 teams advanced past the seeding round (in which TacTex-05 placed first) to the final round of competition, held over three days at IJCAI 2005 in Edinburgh, Scotland. The outcome of games depended heavily on the 6 agents competing, suggesting the need for adaptation. In the seeding round, TacTex-05 had an average score of $14.9 million, and several other agents had average scores above $10 million. As the final round progressed and competition increased, it became more difficult to make a profit. On the final day of competition, when only the six top agents remained, TacTex-05 won with an average score of $4.7 million, while the second highest average score was $1.6 million, and three agents lost money.

An analysis of the final day of competition showed that TacTex-05 benefited significantly from its ability to adapt to its opponents. In particular, the adaptation of first-day component orders allowed TacTex-05 to take advantage of the tendency for first-day prices to be relatively low. Further details are contained in the paper TacTex-05: An Adaptive Agent for TAC SCM in the papers section.