Scores for TAC 2006 Finals - Final Day

PositionAgentAverage ScoreGames Played
1TacTex 5.842 M16
2PhantAgent 4.148 M16
3DeepMaize 3.580 M16
4Maxon 1.747 M16
5Botticelli 477 67916
6MinneTAC -2.700 M16

(The official score table is available here.)

23 teams entered the 2006 TAC SCM competition. The finals were held over three days at AAMAS 2006 in Hakodate, Japan. TacTex-06 advanced to the final day of competition and won with an average score of $5.8 million. Of the additions to the 2005 agent included in TacTex-06, the use of learning to predict future changes in computer prices appeared to be most beneficial. By selling the computers it produced when prices were highest, TacTex-06 was able to obtain higher profits than other agents, especially during the early part of each game. Further analysis is contained in the paper An Autonomous Agent for Supply Chain Management in the papers section.