Scores for TAC AA 2010 Finals - Final Day

PositionAgentAverage Score
1TacTex 58 130
2Schlemazl 52 868
3Mertacor 52 383
4MetroClick 52 210
5Nanda_AA 48 084
6crocodileagent 47 779
7tau 44 419
8McCon 43 415

(The official score table is available here.)
Average daily balance minus 885 per day

11 teams entered the 2009 TAC AA competition. The finals were held over two days at EC 2010 in Cambridge, MA. After a semi-final round (won by TacTex), the top eight agents advanced to a final round consisting of 88 games. TacTex won the final round with an average score of $58,130.

The plot on the right shows the average daily balance of the top four agents. Here we have subtracted 885 per day (the average daily profit of the fourth place agent) from each balance to improve visibility -- otherwise the plot would appear as nearly diagonal lines. The oscillations are due to the way in which a capacity limit is implemented in the game.