Hi, my name is Alex Bellon

I'm a junior computer science and math major at UT Austin.

I am primarily interested in cybersecurity and backend development. I like to participate in online Capture the Flag challenges (CTFs) with United Texas Coalition (UTC), as well as on my own. I am also an Engineering Officer for UT's cybersecurity organization, Information and Systems Society (ISSS), where I write CTF challenges for the bi-weekly CTFs that we host. As part of UT's Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition (CCDC) team, I compete as part of the blue team to secure services and machines in a simulated environment. I am a also TA for CS361: Introduction to Security, where I write and grade assignments, give lectures and hold office hours.

In terms of software development, I do frontend work as the VP Webmaster for UT's chapter of ACM, and as one of the Webmasters for 'The Waitlisters'. As part of the Waitlisters, I also attend lots of hackathons where I do backend work for webapps, usually working in Python and SQL.

Outside of computer science, I like to do graphic design to keep creative and take breaks from coding. I also enjoy the performing arts, and go to see every Broadway show that comes to UT at the Bass Concert Hall. To keep active, I like to go bouldering as well as play intramural soccer with Texas ACM, and longboard.