Hi, my name is Alex Bellon

I'm a sophomore computer science and math major at UT Austin.

I have been programming since high school, and I am interested in cybersecurity and backend development. I like to practice on wargame sites like pwnable.kr as well as participate in online Capture the Flag challenges (CTFs). As an Engineering Officer for UT's cybersecurity organization, Information and Systems Society (ISSS), I write CTF challenges for the bi-weekly CTFs that we host. I also do frontend work as the Junior Webmaster Officer for UT's chapter of ACM, and as one of the Webmasters for 'The Waitlisters' (I also rewrote this website from scratch so I could practice HTML/CSS). As part of the Waitlisters, I also attend lots of hackathons, CTFs and programming competitions.

Outside of computer science, I like to do graphic design to keep creative and take breaks from coding. I also enjoy the performing arts, and go to see every Broadway show that comes to UT at the Bass Concert Hall (which is also where I work during the year!). To keep active, I play Quidditch for one of UT's club teams (and yes, I mean the sport from Harry Potter!) as well as play intramural soccer with Texas ACM, longboard, and climb.