Class Away

  extended by aim4.msg.v2i.V2IMessage
      extended by aim4.msg.v2i.Away

public class Away
extends V2IMessage

Message sent from a Vehicle to an Intersection Manager to inform it that it has exited the Admission Control Zone.

Nested Class Summary
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Field Summary
Fields inherited from class aim4.msg.v2i.V2IMessage
messageType, size
Constructor Summary
Away(int sourceID, int destinationID, int reservationID)
          Basic class constructor with all required fields.
Method Summary
 int getReservationID()
          Get the ID number of the reservation.
 String toString()
Methods inherited from class aim4.msg.v2i.V2IMessage
getImId, getMessageType, getSize, getVin
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clone, equals, finalize, getClass, hashCode, notify, notifyAll, wait, wait, wait

Constructor Detail


public Away(int sourceID,
            int destinationID,
            int reservationID)
Basic class constructor with all required fields.

sourceID - the ID number of the Vehicle sending this message
destinationID - the ID number of the IntersectionManager to which this message is being sent
reservationID - the ID number of the reservation
Method Detail


public int getReservationID()
Get the ID number of the reservation.


public String toString()

toString in class Object

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