Other Interests

I'm a bookworm. I read almost everything - fiction and non-fiction, classics and popular series, romances and mysteries, fantasy and sci-fi. Whether they are ebooks, old dog-eared volumes or new copies with that unmistakable scent, I devour them. Often, I read books that I like several times over.

When the Muse visits me, I pick up my pen. I put up some of my writing in my blog.

I have also learnt Bharatanatyam, an Indian classical dance for ten years.

I am also fond of word games - Scrabble, Crossword, What's the Good Word or any other form of word play. I love other kinds of puzzles too, like lateral thinking questions and tick-cross logic puzzles.

Normally, I never am one for exercise or outdoor activities. In 2015, I joined Run for India, a fundraising organization where members train together for marathons. I trained for and successfully completed the Austin Half Marathon in February 2015.